Since 1986 CSP manufactures in France ...

... hairstyling articles dedicated to a varied clientele (wholesaler or distributor, GMS, specialized store ...) worldwide. With our experience and production line fully mastered our team of 6 people ensure the creation, design, manufacture and completion of a catalog of 450 models!


The design of all our collections is done by our designers, creativity has been the hallmark of our company since its creation. All our hair ornaments are made in France and stamped "made in France". We think them, we create them, also all our hairdressing accessories have a model depot and some of our inventions are patented.

Our collection consists of claw clips, barrettes, headbands, ponytails,combs, all made with cellulose acetate and for our high-end ornaments, we work including Swarovski stones, placed one by one by hand for a perfect finish.

Every year we create new models and present 2 summer-winter collections inspired by the trends of the moment, we propose them for sale all over the world. These collections are the result of our research and innovations since 1986 and it is thanks to this process of innovation that CSP becomes world famous among hair accessories professionals.
One of our latest creations, was the "spring cover", a plastic part that covers the unsightly metal spring that is on the top of the clamp, this spring cover now enjoys an international patent. All our models are customizable to infinity, from the pose or marking of your logo to the realization of the decor or shades according to your desires.

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